Vail Valley Family Dental Care Stops the Progression of Gum Disease

Gum disease not only affects the health of the gums, it can also cause problems with the teeth. The gum tissue feeds the teeth, providing them with the nourishment they need to remain viable. Unfortunately, gum disease can strike at any age and can sometimes lead to tooth loss. It is imperative gum disease is treated as soon as possible so continued damage does not occur. With early intervention, the condition can often be reversed.

The symptoms of gum disease include:

  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Pus drainage
  • Tooth loosening

When gum disease first starts, it is in its mildest form. The condition will cause the gums to become red and swollen. Because of the swelling and irritation, bleeding can occur while brushing and flossing. If this is occurring outside of aggressive brushing, it is imperative a person sees their dentist for treatment. Treatment for mild forms of gingivitis includes thorough cleaning procedures and medicated rinses.

Unfortunately, gum disease can quickly advance, especially when a person is not practicing thorough hygiene care at home. Once gum disease becomes severe, a patient is at a high risk of losing their teeth. The severe form of the disease often causes pockets of infection to develop around the teeth. As the body works to fight the infection, it inadvertently attacks the supportive soft structures of the teeth so they become loose.

When a severe infection is present, scaling and planing must be carried out which means the tooth is cleaned under the gumline. Gum surgery will often need to be carried out to clean out the pockets of infection that have developed and tighten them so the teeth are no longer in danger of being lost. In most cases, a person will need ongoing care to ensure the disease is kept under control.

Those who are dealing with the signs of gum disease need to see a dentist right away. Prompt treatment can help to prevent permanent issues from occurring. If you feel you need care for your gums, call the office of Vail Valley Family Dental Care. With an examination, the dentist can determine the cause of your gum problems so the right treatment can be started.